July 22, 2024

You can never underestimate a woman’s capability when it comes to a competition of eating sweets.
A television presenter (An Qi) from China devoured a candy floss in three seconds while having an eating contest with her guest on a entertainment show.

The quick-thinking host (An Qi)took the candy floss out of a stick and put it in her mouth soon as the timer started counting.

She finished the candy floss in three seconds while the male guest was taking the sweets in bites.
The scene happened during a show known as ‘I am a winner’, hosted by Channel Six of Zhejiang Television on March 9.

The presenter, An Qi, accepted a candy floss challenge from her guest, Zhao Re. Mr Zhao invited An Qi to eat a candy floss as fast as possible.
As the timer starts ticking, Mr Zhao tries his best to suck in the candy floss as much as he could. But An Qi takes the candy floss off a stick and shoves it all in her mouth and gobbles it down.
The puffy candy floss disappears from her hand in three seconds.

She smiled at the camera and waited her guest to finish.
‘This is amazing! And see how she pretends like nothing happened, awesome!’

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