June 13, 2024

Kosuke Takahashi created ‘braille neue,’ a typeface that combines braille with existing english and japanese characters. for those who don’t read braille, or need to read braille, it is a powerful wake up call.
We don’t typically see braille included in our own alphabet, yet so many people rely on this kinetic language to navigate the world.
Braille neue inlcudes two typesets: braille neue standard (english) and braille neue outline (japanese and english).
If embraced to its fullest capacity, braille neue outline could be used to fit and write-over already-printed english/japanese texts in public spaces.
Creator Kosuke Takahashi hopes to use the universal typeface for the signage of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics 2020 ‘to create a truly universal space where anyone can access information.’

I personally find it a great idea.


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