June 13, 2024

Here we go, there is a new security breach.

This time it’s Under Armour’s MyFitnessPal, the fitness app.
The company reported Thursday that some 150 million MyFitnessPal accounts had been compromised.

It’s time to change your password.
This isn’t optional; the company is requiring all users to do it.

However, you can’t do so in the app.
You’ll have to sign into your MyFitnessPal account in a browser, then sign in using your mobile username and password.

Once you’ve signed into your account, click Settings, then Change Password.
Don’t forget your new password, because you’ll need it the next time you log into the mobile app.

Speaking of which, we strongly recommend using a different password for each and every site and service you use.
Maybe using a password manager to organize them is an idea.
They can often generate robust passwords for you as well, If you’re not currently using one,

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